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I write quirky screenplays but also help other screenwriters market their material by developing their lookbooks, one-sheets, synopses and loglines. Let me help you too:


The most valuable sales tool for marketing your screenplay. Help your audience envision how your script will look on screen.


If you’re headed to a pitch meeting or pitch-fest, you’ll want to bring along this eye-catching visual sales aid to leave behind.


Hook 'em in with a concise and potent summary of your story that will have your audience demanding to read the script.

Not just another Script Consultant

Screenwriter Steve ClearyWhile there is no shortage of talented writers and experts out there that will read your script and give you feedback, or even write it for you, as your screenplay creative consultant, I offer value in preparing sales aids that help your audience (producers, directors, talent, crew, investors, etc) visualize your script.

You’re in the right place if you are:

Please check out my screenwriting and script marketing services. Otherwise, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

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Miyako F.


"Although all I expected was his expertise in design, he also helped me make my logline pop. Thanks, Steve!"

Ricahard P.


"Anyone whose read Steve's screenplays knows he's a helluva funny guy who churns out quality material. Not only are his writing skills up there, but his notes and willingness to help other writers elevates him to that rarely-achieved trifecta: being talented, funny, and not a total douche-bag!"



"Crumpety-crikey tickety boo harumph wot wot!"

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