Hi I’m Steve, Screenwriter and Script Marketing Consultant

Steve Cleary, Screenwriter and Script Consultant
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I am a screenwriter based in Santa Barbara, CA. My body of work includes original features, shorts, and sketches written in the classic style of programs like “The Carol Burnett Show”. The material can be described as outrageous but heart-felt, truthful but irreverent, and grounded in reality. I’ve developed a proprietary method of screenwriting where my stories are not just written, but “engineered”.

My background comes from time in the NYC stand-up comedy scene, where I helped up-and-coming comics develop their acts. I also wrote and performed in various short films and sketches.

Please go to my Script Revolution Profile to review my select listing of my features, shorts and sketches.

Watch a table reading of one of my feature comedies, Lawn Boys.

My Fledgling Lil Production Company

Storbang: Open-Source filmmaking
Storbang: Open-Source filmmaking
Storbang is not only the name of my production company, but the model for a groundbreaking new innovation in independent filmmaking. Learn more >>

Screenwriter Services

In addition to reading and evaluating scripts for screenwriting competitions and production companies, I help other writers market their own material. I provide assessments on plot, character development, dialogue, pacing and industry-standard formatting. Furthermore, I get log lines and query letters into marketable shape.

Hence, if you’re a screenwriter with material that could use a little more punch, please contact me for a free consultation.

Finally, please see the side-bar for a list of my other digital marketing and web development services.

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