Hi I’m Steve, Screenwriter and Script Marketing Consultant

Steve Cleary. Image not to scale.

I’m a comedy screenwriter based in Santa Barbara, CA.

I have several projects in the works, but I am currently focused on marketing my latest, most polished script, Lawn Boys.

Lawn Boys is a story about a washed-up ad man who, after getting laid off from his agency job, joins his friend’s landscaping crew. Unprepared for demanding physical labor due to his soft city living, he fouls up on his first week causing his friend to lose customers. He must then sharpen his lawn care skills and come up with a radical marketing plan to win new business, or else his friendship is lost and a rival lawn care company will convert all the area lawns to Astroturf.

The script overall is an endearing underdog story, with outrageous set pieces and a cathartic, crowd-pleasing finale. It is loosely inspired by real-life experiences as a freelance agency creative when I had to take up lawn care work when times were slow.

If you would like to read the full screenplay, click the link above, or please let me know and I’ll send you a copy.

Otherwise, please feel free to check out my other screenplays and loglines on Stage32.

I also read and evaluate scripts for several screenwriting competitions where I provide assessments on plot, character development, dialogue, pacing and industry-standard formatting; and get loglines and query letters into marketable shape.

If you are a screenwriter and your script has broken parts or could use a little more punch, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Finally, I also provide digital marketing and web development services as seen in the side-bar

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