I am Steve, your English Website Copy Editor.

I am an English language Website Copy Editor and proofreader who will make sure your copy is composed of understandable, native-sounding spelling and grammar, including proper use of colloquial expressions (informal words, phrases or slang used in writing).

Steve Cleary -- Website Copy Editor
Steve Cleary. Image not to scale.

If your website, newsletter, brochure or any other form of marketing material is trying to reach an American or English-speaking audience, it is absolutely critical that you use proper spelling and grammar or you will lose credibility and those prospects FOREVER.

I have twenty years of experience related to editorial marketing and advertising copy, as well as engineering and technical writing. I have worked with teams and clients all over the world including India, Pakistan, China, The Philippines, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Israel and Mexico.

For a complimentary assessment of your web copy, please contact me and include a link to your website.