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Storbang: My Fledgling Lil Production Company

You may have noticed my social media handle as well as outbound links to my projects go by the name of “Storbang”. This was a moniker I came up with when I used to draw Read more…


Some Nice Words About a Short Thriller Script I Wrote

From Hamish Porter’s “Shootin’ the Shorts” Review on Script Revolution: No Trespassing – You’ve Been Warned! A beautiful tailored suit, a luxury car, and designer threads. An overgrown lawn, a rusty barbecue, and a back Read more…


“Devil’s Gulch” and “Wine Tasting” Sketches Find Director/Producer

A young filmmaker approached me about my collection of sketch comedy and has agreed to produce my “Wine Tasting” and “Devil’s Gulch” sketches. We’re still in the early stage of assembling a cast and crew, Read more…