The following are partner individuals and organizations I work with to deliver additional screenplay marketing services to help you sell your screenplay, animate or storyboard it, or break it down for fund-raising and production.

Most of my logline and query letter consulting is done in partnership with (SYS). This service also offers:

  • Premium Screenwriting Leads from Producers Looking for Original Material
  • Newsletters to Producers containing your Logline
  • Fax/Email blast to Network of Thousands of Independent Producers, Managers and Agents
  • Online Coaching/Mentorship

For more information about SYS, please visit SYS Select.

Animation, Concept Art and Storyboarding

As their North America Representative, I have partnered with a full-service creative studio that delivers projects at a competitive rate. They specialize in 2D and 3D animation, concept art, storyboarding, character design and many other creative services.

Screenplay Marketing Services - 3D Animation

3D Animation

Screenplay Marketing Services - Concept Art

Concept Art

Screenplay Marketing Services - Storyboarding


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Development Services

If you’ve been a screenwriter for a while, you’ll know that selling a spec script is next to impossible. Don’t lose hope just yet. Why not have a seasoned line producer package it and sell it for you? I have partnered with an industry veteran who will take your script, break down a shooting schedule and budget, and with materials I can help create, seek qualified investors.

This is a high-end service that meets all legal requirements, such as FCC & FTC regulations, E&O insurance, contracts, SAG rule, Quality control, NTSC standards, and all distribution contracts & rules.

Screenplay Marketing Services - Production Schedule

Production Schedule

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